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Here at Walton Peak Flying High Primary and Nursery Academy we follow the ‘No Nonsense’ phonics skills programme. The programme provides a content-rich body of work. The two-pronged systematic and incidental phonics teaching and learning has a flexible approach, which enables children to develop an understanding of English spelling for reading and writing – therefore increasing the likelihood of self-teaching and engagement, and phonics application in the wider curriculum. This ensures children become skilled readers and writers.


The Alphabet and the Alphabetic code


The spelling system of the English language is one of the most complex alphabetic codes in the world. Teachers introduce the children to 44+ phonemes (smallest sound) and graphemes (letters and letter groups that are code for the sounds). Teachers also teach the children the 26 capital letters, the 26 lower case letters, and their alphabetic order, of the alphabet.


Decoding and Encoding


Decoding is the process of reading words in text. When a child reads the word ‘sat’ for example, they understand what the letters are and how they blend to create word, for example, s-a-t = sat.


Encoding is the process of using their letter sound knowledge to write.


Phonics Screening Check


Children in year 1 across the country will take part in a Phonics Screening Check during the same week in June. Unless the head teacher decides, it is not appropriate for a child to take the test. The year 2 children who did not previously achieve the required result or did not participate in the check previously in year 1 will also take the check. The Phonics Screening Check is in place to find out if the children have learnt sufficient decoding and blending skills.


The check contains 40 words, 20 of which are real words and the other 20 are pseudo words (nonsense words). The pseudo words will have a picture of alien to help the children to recognise these.


During the summer term, school will report the results of the check to the parents. School will also confirm if the children have met the standard threshold. Any children who do not achieve the expected standard will retake the check in year 2.


Other phonic websites, apps and help: