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Late/Absence Procedures



Here at Walton Peak Flying High Academy we take attendance seriously.


If for whatever reason your child is absent from school, please ensure you ring school with the reason for this absence after 8:30am.


Punctuality is of the upmost importance and lateness will be challenged.


The school day starts at 8.55 am, however classroom doors open at 8.45am.  Pupil are able to access the classroom from this time.


Registers are marked by 9.05am. Pupils will receive a late mark if they are not in their classroom by this time.


The registers closes at 9.30am. Pupils will receive a mark of absence if they do not attend school before this time.


After lunch register is 1pm.


At Walton Peak our aim is to prepare pupils for their future lives and careers.  With this is mind, we require parents to observe the schools holidays as prescribed.


The Headteacher are unable to authorise holidays during term time.  Further more, penalty notices will be issued should leave be taken which is not authorised.


For further information, please see the schools policy below


Click here to view Government advice about attendance.